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These schools, Ep EKONDA, EP ILINDOKINDO, EP MPOBI all located 12KM from the city BOENDE province of TSHUAPA in the Democratic Republic of Congo .

At a time of free basic education, some schools are still in a state of very advanced disrepair.

Bamboo, no roofs that can shelter these children during the rain. Another deplorable image in this school that left us speechless is to see the youngest students of the grades 1 and 2 studied on the ground, for the largest those of rising class, it is sometimes bamboo, with which they try to make benches, without desk.As for the painting, it is with a wooden board that the teacher uses to write lessons, exercises or homework at home.

Another element that caught our attention was the lack of latrines in the corner of the country.What are these children doing to relieve themselves? The question remains dying.

Observers wonder if the ministry of guardianship, namely the Minister of Secondary and Technical Primary Education, knows the existence of Ep EKONDA 2 ,Ep ILIDOKINDO ,Ep MPOMBI? Do these children participate in the Enafep, national dictation events? Does this school benefit from the costs associated with running the schools?If so, what are the provincial authorities doing with this money?If not it would be high time that the government looked into it, because it is said education is the very foundation in the formation of man.

here’s the administrative office
EP ILIKINDOKINDO, Tshuapa Province
EP ILINDOKINDO, Tshuapa Province
sanitary facility (toilet), it’s here where everything happens

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