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Sad reality in the Democratic Republic of Congo more precisely in the province of equator in the village of BOKAKIYA the education of our children is on the way out. A straw school, without a roof, with worn wooden planks that serve as blackboards or benches, here is the dark image of a state primary school in the village of BOKAKIYA in the province of Equateur several km away.

of the village BOKATOLA CENTER and the city of MBANDAKA. This primary school called EP Willy BAKONGA has a full cycle of primary school and to reach their school, students have to walk a very long distance, according to the inhabitants of this village. According to the inhabitants of this village, this school was built in 2020 after the visit of a delegation from the current Minister of EPST Willy BAKONGO WILIMA.

These residents say that for the sake of seeing their children receive an education that they have built this school with the means available to them; that is to say ; Straw, bamboo, worn planks to name a few. A little further from the 6th year primary class, a half-built straw house serves as a direction. The question arises with what qualities of the teaching staff these children learn? with which textbooks does he prepare their lessons? How do her children do their homework? In the era of free education advocated by the Head of State with regard to basic education, will this Ep Willy BAKONGA school benefit from operating costs like all public primary schools? Under what conditions will EP Willy BAKONGA students take the ENAFEP tests? All these questions remain unresolved, the risk is that our children’s education will slowly die out and the level of education reduced. Since the conditions for teaching at this school are not all met. Congo Hope in its vision to offer quality education to our children, intends to support the sector in the construction, rehabilitation, modernization of school infrastructure, especially in rural areas, because every child has the right to education and to instruction. Congo Hope thus wants through its actions to improve the learning conditions of our children somewhat and thus raise the level of the quality of education in the DRC.

Congo Hope Foundation: “Healthy health, quality education and a Congo without poverty”

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