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Health and clean water


Despite considerable advances in medicine in recent decades, many rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo still do not have access to medical facilities and primary health care. Various factors such as poverty, malnutrition and unemployment all contribute to poor health.

The CONGO HOPE Foundation helps by facilitating the construction of clinics and housing for staff and the modernization of existing but inadequate primary health care clinics. In most communities supported by the CONGO HOPE Foundation, there are government clinics that try to meet the needs of the local population, but they are unfortunately under-equipped, under-resourced and poorly maintained.

The CONGO HOPE Foundation is committed to ensuring that better facilities are put in place through micro projects that provide basic sanitation, hygiene, to improve health and community health care: fighting malaria and HIV/AIDS, child and infant care. CONGO HOPE
wants to provide hospitals and clinics with medical supplies and equipment (ambulances, hearses, beds, etc.).


One of the worst daily challenges faced by many Congolese rural communities is the extreme shortage of water. Women and children in rural areas often walk more than a kilometre each day to fetch water, returning home hunched over under the exhausting burden of their full buckets of water, sometimes repeating this journey several times a day. When children have to spend a large part of their day fetching water, the task affects all aspects of their youth, especially the time spent on education and physical development.