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Congo Hope wants to fight poverty by providing aid and support to the most needy through the handing over of donations, food and other necessities in orphanages, retirement home or old man’s home, Structure of unemployed young people.

CONGO HOPE strives to improve the quality of life of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo by raising funds to support the construction and rehabilitation of schools, provide clean water and provide economically sustainable opportunities for the community.

CONGO HOPE aims to provide quality education, mobile classrooms, computers and school supplies, support the education of rural residents who are terribly under-educated as many families cannot afford
to continue to educate their children beyond the age of 12 due to higher costs. it also wants to promote the social benefits of disadvantaged populations. Its actions mainly target the unemployed, the homeless and schoolchildren.
CONGO HOPE wants to mentor the excluded of society and progress by allowing them, through work, to regain both their place in society and their human dignity. it wants to help bring the power of technology to the citizens of Congo, a country where 90% of the inhabitants of rural areas in endemic poverty and only 9% of the total population has access to electricity.