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Since the accession of the Democratic Republic of Congo to its national and international sovereignty, youth has always been seen as the foundation of the nation’s development. Several political, social, economic and health factors have been implemented to achieve this ideal.

The Millennium Development Goals have initiated a commitment to health.

The future of today’s youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo leaves something to be desired.The decline in the education, social and health of Congolese youth in the last century is the part of the administrative socio-political leaders, which challenges us all.

It is with this in mind that we, the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, are anxious to make our contribution in the supervision of young people in various fields: Education, Sociocultural, Health and Environmental.

Considering that youth is the cornerstone of the nation’s future;

Let us affirm our firm commitment and determination to contribute to the revaluation of Congolese youth.

Let us decide to this day to create a non-governmental non-governmental non-profit development organization in order to materialize our dedication to the future of youth and the integral development of the Congolese.